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Slain schoolgirls bodies found burned in ditch in Wadi Tameem village in Hebron

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Slain schoolgirls bodies found burned in ditch in Wadi Tameem village in Hebron

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — An Israeli army bulldozer razed a house on the edge of a family home in the occupied West Bank district of Hebron and destroyed a number of children’s bodies, officials said Thursday.

The military said it demolished the two-story house in Zuhr, near Hebron, to begin repairs.

A military spokesper바카라 룰son told Ma’an the bulldozer hit a makeshift home in the house, which was near an elementary school in the area, causing a huge fireball and smoke billowing into the air.

It said the damage included at least sev호 게임en bodies and at least 15 headstones in one room.

The incident came amid widespread anger over the Israeli military’s practice of bulldozing homes and demolishing entire families to install a fence on private Palestinian land, an practice known as “temporary closures.”

The army has repeatedly accused Palestinians in the West Bank of taking advantage of the Israeli closures and illegally throwing stones, making it unlawful for the army to restrict their movements.

Hundreds of Israeli settlers live on about 150 Palestinian households along the fence.

A settler living in the neighborhood of Kafr Jaddas, which is also located near the fence, told Ma’an Thursday evening that the army bulldozer struck the home and destroyed all of the family’s belongings in a “massive” act of violence.

Settler Hassan Zaki described the scene outside the house: “The army threw fireballs into the house, throwing stones and people were getting shot fr김해출장안마om their homes, and people were thrown into the street, and then [the army] came and demolished our house. The army came, and then threw rocks at people.”

Hassan said: “There were some boys and girls in the neighborhood who were in class, and they were shot [by Israeli forces], and their bodies were burning. It was all a massacre. I am still here [in the neighborhood]. [I am] still afraid.”

A number of other homes around the neighborhood have been attacked by the Israelis and bulldozers, including one house where dozens of residents were arrested after rioting two weeks ago, which sparked deadly attacks by Palestinians in the area.

Palestinians, human rights organizations and international groups accuse Israeli forces of indiscriminately attacking Palestinian houses.

More than 30 Palestinians were killed in the wave of violence from 2011 to 2014, the deadliest since

Government under fire over school ceiling safety

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Government under대구 마사지 fire over school ceiling safety


BELGRADE — Two former teachers at Palipat School, a kindergarten in the northern municipality of Belgrade, were under investigation as suspects for allegedly selling a sleeping bag to unsuspecting children for t호 게임wo million dollars, police said on Thursday.

The alleged crimes took place in 2011, when they opened a kindergarten, which was about to open their first class.

A former pupil told Belgrade-based daily Newspaper Novije Domina that he was 14 when he met Beko Vojtepic, who would come into the kindergarten daily between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. To collect their wages, Vojtepic took 이천출장안마the child to school in his sleeping bag or in his car.

“He said that it was to collect their salary and let them stay at home, as some of them stayed away when school started,” said the victim.

Later, a police source told Novije Domina that a case was opened against Vojtepic and five others for allegedly trafficking in sleepers in Belgrade.

Bridgestone accept blame for ferraris slow start in Malaysia

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BCDC 철도청 카지노ridgestone accept blame for ferraris slow start in Malaysia

By Samir Malik in New Delhi, India | February 29, 2013 at 01:03 PM

Bridgest카지노톡one’s slow start to the season in the Malaysia Grand Prix was in stark contrast to the team’s performance in its previous three races in Australia and India.

In both races, the Red Bull driver Carlos Sainz Jr led the way by a comfortable two-secs margin with Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen leading by only a tenth of a second. In Australia, however, both drivers were caught in the middle of the field and struggled to lead up to the start with only Sainz Jr in the lead.

Malaysian Grand Prix, Saturday 6 March 2013: Red Bull: Sainz, Perez, Verstappen

Sauber: Raikkonen, Webber, Webber, Verstappen

Mercedes: Alonso, Sainz Jr, Verstappen, Perez

Brent: Sainz, Webber, Webber, Verstappen

Ferrari: Button, Verstappen, Webber, Perez

Bosch: Button, Webber, Webber, Verstappen,인터넷 바카라 Perez