Facebook broke democracy — now it is coming for the wedding

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Facebook broke democracy — now it is coming for the wedding

The “Secret Crushes” feature on Twitter Dating seems — hmm, tailor-made for those of you considering steppin’ out


Amanda Marcotte

September 6, 2019 8:00PM (UTC)

Facebook, in spite of how difficult the business attempts, cannot escape its present dilemma. It is a brand name that cupid desires to be observed as cheerful, light-hearted and enjoyable, the web’s go-to destination to share the joys of life with family and friends. But it is increasingly being seen more as being a nest of social networking termites, gnawing away ab muscles fundamentals of y our culture, eroding our straight to privacy and profiting off reactionary propaganda that undermines democracy and encourages hate crimes and genocide.

That contrast was highlighted this week into the headlines that are back-to-back Facebook. On Thursday, the business circulated Facebook Dating, a cheerfully marketed competitor to apps like Tinder or Bumble. However the a lot of releasing that news don’t last long when it comes to social networking behemoth, as briefly thereafter, a coalition of state solicitors basic hit Facebook with antitrust investigations, citing its “dominance within the industry” and “potential anticompetitive conduct. ” Aided by the business’s incursion in to the app that is dating, it will be also harder for Facebook to deny its efforts at monopolistic market dominance.

Also without all that, Twitter Dating would not get the most useful reception. Many media coverage focused on Facebook’s long reputation for privacy violations, specially as this statement follows close to the heels of another privacy that is major by Facebook.