Mayor says tumut river flows warning system needed

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Mayor says tumut river flows warning system needed

Ontario government officials, speaking last week at an event to mark the 15th anniversary of the tumbling water levels, stressed that a number of other sources are involved in helping communities get water to residents.

“I think if we were doing it through the province of Ontario as they do, we would be working on that, right? But to be honest, we don’t. We are a small island state that has very little infrastructure. So we’re really trying to build infrastructure for those small islands of infrastructure,” Premier Kathleen Wynne said.

“This is something that is really important to us. That is what’s the point. I see the river in my backyard. It is something that people rely upon. It is something that they rely upon for their livelihood.”

But experts say the province needs to find other ways to help ensure that people are drinking water as clean as possible in the카지노 가입 머니 summer months, when water levels are particularly low.

Water-related deaths, hospitalizations

The province reports there have been at least 25 deaths from untreated river water in Ontario since the fall of 2014. There have been two deaths since the beginning of 2015, the most recent August 15, a제주출장업소t a park in Oshawa involving a toddler, and at a school in Whitby — a year before that, there were two deaths related to the flood water and two deaths resulting from sewage.

The deaths occurred at various locations on or near the banks of the Manitoulin Island tributary, in particular at the park on which a toddler drowned and the school일본 카지노 오픈s where another child was sickened.

In 2013 there was an acute drowning at the park, which also resulted in the death of a child. In 2015, both incidents included two deaths and more than 20 injuries, in all.

Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins says it’s a complicated problem and he hopes to work with municipalities in terms of finding a “solutions.”

Dr. Andrew Wigmore: We don’t know why this has happened

But Dr. Andrew Wigmore, an aquatic toxicologist with the city of Whitby who’s studied the water problem since 1990, said no one has figured out why the river was suddenly so low during the summer.

“The river is very dynamic in terms of flow. It is not stationary. There are small dams, but those have been built long ago and, if you really go in there and look, they all seem to be pretty reliable,” Wi