Brough unveils abuse taskforce that could prevent future victims of domestic violence – from the police or a private detective

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Brough unveils abuse taskforce that could prevent future victims of domestic violence – from the police or a private detective

By이천출장마사지 Jonathan Watts and John Kelly

19 June 2017

A new t평택출장샵askforce is being established to combat domestic violence, with the aim of eliminating it altogether in 2026.

As noted in a report by the Guardian, taskforces have been set up by several state governments in recent years to investigate what happens after the woman “victimizes” or abuses her partner. Most are of a commercial nature, but in recent years a number of groups have started up to combat domestic violence at a local level.

The UK’s Department for Communities and Local Government announced on August 9 that it would set up a national strategy to address domestic violence in Britain, which covers the five year period from 2009 to 2012. The department aims to reduce the number of women experiencing domestic violence by 20 percent between 2009-12, it said.

The UK is currently a major player in this global movement, with the global number of homicides for women in 2012 falling from almost 1,500 to 807, and the number of women killed by their partners a significant increase from almost 2,500 in 2008 to more than 10,000 in 2012.

Some reports, including the UK’s Home Office, have projected that the number of women murdered would increase to at least 10,000 by 2021, making it one of the top causes of death for women in the UK.

In the run-up to the launch of the Home Office strategy, The Guardian reported that a new group called the “National Domestic Violence Taskforce”—the first of its kind in the United Kingdom—had been set up to deal with the issue by bringing together the local police forces and social services and the private police force who deal with sexual crimes and crimes against women.

Members of the taskforce would “facilitate contact between domestic violence services and community based services” and the police, the report claimed, “to make their roles better aligned to each other so that victims can receive the help that they need.” The head of the taskforce, a former child protection worker, will oversee a panel that would include a female victim, local residents and a “profession보성안마als in social work.”

The goal of setting up the taskforce, which was introduced at a meeting of the Home Office’s domestic violence advisory committee in London last week, is to put a stop to the crime of domestic violence and its “long term consequences,” it stated.