Fire at purnululu forces evacuation of 400 villagers

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Fire at purnululu forces evacuation of 400 villagers; police say more than 100 injured.

Updated (12:12 am): The deaths and injuries are at an unknown number and are being treated in hospitals in슬롯 머신 Sulu, according to the AFP, as per multiple reports from islanders.

10:05 am: The government청주 출장 안마 has started evacuating those in Purnululu island from the island.

10:05 am: The rescue operation is focused on the eastern tip of Sulu as the fire is raging at the top of the mountains.

11 am: Firefighters were called out to Sulu at 9.18 AM to prevent the fire from spreading to the island, AFP quoted a statement from the department of public safety as saying.

10.51 am: Local media reports suggest that three people have been killed. There have been a total of 24 deaths and 14 injured, and the island is now out of evacuation.

“A number of people have been injured,” the rescue operation is said to have begun. “No further details were immediately available as the situation is under investigation,” AFP reports.

12.10 pm: Emergency crews at t슈퍼 카지노he scene of the fire are said to have resorted to heavy equipment and aerial support to help control the fire, AFP reports.

“It is in its early hours but we are getting assistance by various means like aerial support, the use of chemical agents which may result in the containment of the flames,” said the AFP.

There are more than 200,000 people on board the Mafalson (Mazala) ferry with around 100,000 stranded. The ferry is at the top of a mountain range.

Local media reports suggest that water is reaching the area, but the government has said its not in dire danger. The fire seems to have taken hold at the end of the island, but it is yet to reach the top of the mountain where a ferry has a base at.

A spokesperson for the department of public safety also told the Indonesian Broadcasting Corp.:

The country is experiencing an extremely difficult situation for the citizens and residents of Sulu as their homes are under threat with flames, the fire is still burning and the situation has been getting even worse.

At the same time, the fire brigade has been conducting some kind of rescue operation, which is working very well to reduce the fire and bring the island under control,” said Chief Inspector J.M. Pusikoro.

He said that rescue operations are still ongoin