Sa govt accused of ignoring 600 parliamentary requests

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Sa govt accused of ignoring 600 parliamentary requests

By Ben Mehmood

KARACHI: The Centre has repeatedly asked Pakistan’s federal government not to grant visas to officials f카지노 사이트or hearings on cases against senior politicians involved in a recent corruption case, but no action is taking on the issue.

“The government has failed to respond to our requests, and despite repeated requests it has failed to grant us any permission for a hearing,” Pakistan’s acting Foreign Secretary Khalid Nawaz told reporters this morning.

The United States has sent a message to Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari to give a written assurance to Pakistan to grant visas if there is enough evidence to prosecute senior government officials for various corruption and espionage charges. The United States has also said its “longstanding commitment to Pakistan is intact”, so much so that they would be willing to grant any such request with “good intentions” if they were provided with the necessary evidence, the State Department said.

According to the US Department of State, US diplomats in Islamabad and other Pakistani cities “have repeatedly expressed concern over the growing number of corruption and political espionage cases.” The United States has sent the government “a letter urging it to take action and to take reasonable steps to deal with the problem, including through increased police security and enhanced access to court.”

The US Embassy in Islamabad also said that the “public prosecutor has also been instructed to investigate allegations of the widespread use of forged documents and the use of corrupt officials to commit acts of espionage and political theft.”

Pakistan’s acting director-general of military operations (Diyana Sarma) and his son was also mentioned in the US letter, and Sarma, a member of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), responded to it this morning in his own words.

Sarma also said that he did not think it was necessary for the government to request the US, even though “our request had been ignored in the past for an earlier case against a senior politician,” Sarma said.

The letter, Sarma was quoted as saying, “is in response to your (Foreign Secretary) letter which stated that as long as we are not denied our basic human right to an inves카지노 사이트tigation by competent authorities we remain citizens and should not be treated as foreigners.”

Zardari also responded and said that he felt that it was right that the US Embassy was making a special call on the matter today.

He said that Pakistan was the only nation that did not consider it illegal to request for vi바카라sas to people who wer