Amnesty calls on fiji to probe torture allegations and to hold perpetrators to account

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Amnesty calls on fiji to probe torture allegations and to hold perpetrators to account

The European Commission will raise human rights concerns with Fiji on Thursday, Amnesty International says as it demands the federal government bring charges against several suspected torturers and to investigate and hold the perpetrators to account.

Hutu Fijian President Maika Lualu was quoted yesterday as saying that she felt “betrayed” and “in a difficult position to discuss any human rights issue with her counterparts in Ottawa”, which she said was “very hard”.

After Lualu took power in 2003, which was based on the Fijian National Vision document, the government made serious human rights reforms, and the commission’s concerns have been confirmed by former commission President José Manuel Barroso.

Lualu was previously elected to the presidency as part of the Fijian National Vision plan, signed in 2005 and signed into law in 2008.

The reforms include reforms to protect civil society from the threat of political corruption, and create a civilian cabinet with a permanent head. In addition, there are a number of other reforms, including establish로투스 홀짝ing a public health service and providing support to internally displaced populations.

“The Government should now ensure that these reforms are fully implemented,” said Amnesty’s Americas director, John Dalhuisen, while stressing that the commission was already in Fiji “to investigate the allegations of excessive violence and unlawful detention”.

Amnesty has repeatedly urged that the government of Lualu and the Fiji Police Department investigate the torture allegations and hold the perpetrators to account.

“We believe that if the Fijians are to restore their political and human rights to their people, they must address the torture allegations as a matter of urgency and put an end to abusive, coercive police practices,” Dalhuisen said.

Dalhuisen added that he believed that these reforms had already been implemented and that only “a political will from the Fiji government to follow through on the reforms would lead to a change.”

But, as highlighted in earlier reports, in the recent weeks, the Fijian police have launched several raids on the homes of journalists, activists and fa아산안마mily members involved in the protests, demanding that they 강원출장안마hand over their electronic devices.

Amnesty also released a report in November 2016 that found that the Fijian Police Department’s use of violence and unlawful detention was systematically under-reported by local media, and that some of the charges were later dropped, due to pressure from outside organisations such as Human Rights Watch.