Birds caught up in island rabbit culls

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Birds caught up in island rabbit culls

Sue Rosser, senior programme officer, W모바일카지노WF-UK, said: “It’s important to remember that not all rabbits are suffering from the same underlying issues. In some cases rabbits are actually recovering from predation pressures. The fact that wildlife numbers have plummeted from 10,000 in the mid-1980s to less than 5,000 now shows that there are now far fewer rabbits living on UK farms.”

In January, it emerged that a huge rabbit cull was taking place across mainland Britain. Hundreds of rabbits were sent to “vacant” farms around the cou강남출장안마ntry and many were put down by their owners because they were being kept away from the streets and parks.

Feral rabbits have traditionally been considered prey for farm animals, but this latest cull appears to have been targeted at removing them from farm lands.

While rabbit culls are common on British farms, they are not considered a public health risk. As there is currently no evidence that rabbit deaths are caused by the cull, it remains the responsibility of gove속초안마rnments to implement effective policies to curb rabbit numbers.