Flying santa under fire in rio slum

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Flying santa under fire in rio slum

(2:39:12 PM) alex_lags: a lot of kids here are gay (2:39:14 PM) alex_lags: this kid (2:39:27 PM) sahdee: sahdee: it’s the best (2:39:40 PM) alex_lags: i see (2:39:41 PM) alex_lags: there’s no shame in it (2:39:46 PM) sahdee: why are you being weird? (2:39:55 PM) alex_lags: he’s the best (2:39:58 PM) sahdee: so he gets a spot (2:40:01 PM) sahdee: heh (2:40:11 PM) sahdee: that’s great (2:40:16 PM) sahdee: we’ll have another alex and i in a minute (2:40:21 PM) alex_lags: that’s why i love wat전주 출장 안마ching him (2:40:23 PM) alex_lags: not because i hate him but because he looks good (2:41:02 PM) sahdee: you’re joking right? (2:41:11 PM) sahdee: why do i even care? I have absolutely 포커no problem with him, the boys are all pretty good and there are also good girls around (2:41:20 PM) sahdee: my friend who is gay always likes the guys and he’s just so sweet so he gets my attention (2:41:38 PM) sahdee: and여수출장안마 it’s pretty rare I have to see gay boys (2:41:49 PM) sahdee: so I’m pretty excited for seeing one (2:42:08 PM) sahdee: and it’ll be cool with me too (2:42:38 PM) sahdee: I will actually watch (2:42:42 PM) alex_lags: sahdee, this guy gets a spot in the house because he’s the nicest kid i know (2:43:18 PM) sahdee: he’s like the best at this whole deal (2:43:23 PM) sahdee: except for the fact that he’s very tall and skinny (2:43:32 PM) sahdee: which is an advantage for a guy but no

Inadequate justification for japan whaling proposal commission’s findings on whaling to be submitted to UN for comment

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Inadequate justification for japan whaling proposal commission’s findings on whaling to be submitted to UN for comment

By David Laidlaw, The Independent

UN’s Fisheries Council has decided to withdraw recommendations on its report into Japan’s whaling in예스카지노dustry, it has been confirmed.

The recommendation on Japan’s whaling was put together by the International Whaling Commission (IWC), an independent international body which was formed in 2004.

After nearly four years of meetings which took place across the world, both sides reached a conclusion that the report’s recommendations were inadequate.

The Council unanimously decided to withdraw the recommendation, with the Japanese government and some Japanese groups calling for immediate implementation of the findings, but also saying the recommendations should have been made clear about the risks of Japanese whaling.

The IWC said on Friday: ‘We have made the determination that the recommendations for the assessment of the health and environment impacts of the whaling program should, without delay, be submitted to the UN for review.’

‘There are a number of stakeholders from various international bodies who felt the recommendations presented in the report were insufficiently well-reasoned. This is why our decision today has been unanimous.’

The UN’s commission on the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide has also taken the view that the recommendations submitted on Japan’s whaling should not be put forward.

It said the recommendations for Japan’s whaling program did not follow up on any available science at all.

The report called for the International Court of Justice to be called in Japan in order to determine whether there is a legal basis for the ongoing whaling.

The IWC said in its decision that the court would ‘consider whether the Japanese government’s policies and practices on this particular matter are inconsistent with its legal obligations under바카라 international law’.

It said that ‘on this basis, our recommendation that the whaling program should be terminated, subject to review, is no longer supported’.

In addition, it said that the International Commission on Non-Proliferation (ICNPR) – a special UN human rights organisation – had urged Japan to end its whaling pro더킹카지노gram and ‘to ensure the protection of all members of the ICNPR’.

The report also gave recommendations on the potential costs of the whaling program, and to ‘consider alternative actions that may be taken to prevent further illegal whaling activity’.

It said the recommendations were also not binding on the US and Russia, two of Japan’s most important allies