Government under fire over school ceiling safety

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Government under대구 마사지 fire over school ceiling safety


BELGRADE — Two former teachers at Palipat School, a kindergarten in the northern municipality of Belgrade, were under investigation as suspects for allegedly selling a sleeping bag to unsuspecting children for t호 게임wo million dollars, police said on Thursday.

The alleged crimes took place in 2011, when they opened a kindergarten, which was about to open their first class.

A former pupil told Belgrade-based daily Newspaper Novije Domina that he was 14 when he met Beko Vojtepic, who would come into the kindergarten daily between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. To collect their wages, Vojtepic took 이천출장안마the child to school in his sleeping bag or in his car.

“He said that it was to collect their salary and let them stay at home, as some of them stayed away when school started,” said the victim.

Later, a police source told Novije Domina that a case was opened against Vojtepic and five others for allegedly trafficking in sleepers in Belgrade.