Ohio voters cast their ballots Tuesday morning

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Ohio voters cast their ballots Tuesday morning.

The two sides have clashed numerous times in the state. In May 2008, the Libertarian Party won the state with the second-largest vote, receiving 3.5 percent of the vote, but losing to the Libertarian Party.

In 2006, Libertarian candidate Ralph Nader ran on the Libertarian ticket but lost the primary, while the Green Party and the Democratic Party both won, finishing with the largest shares.

On Monday, the Libertarian National Committeeman Jim Strickland told CBS’ Washington Journal, “we’re not going to let Washington DC take a step back from the issue we’ve brought to the forefront of national politics.”

Strickland said his party has enough votes to “give the issue a very fair and impartial hearing.”

At a campaign stop in the district earlier this month, Nader said, “I’m a former Republican. If I can help my party have this sort of discussion, I am.”

Strickland and former state representative Charlie Siegel both agreed with Nader’s claim that there’s no direct correlation between foreign policy and the election.

But at least for now, the debate has been largely focused on foreign policy — Nader and Strickland both say that the United States has no foreign policy problem but Strickland insisted on the need to be “more honest” with Iran — rather than U.S. military action against North Korea and others.

Strickland pointed to the recent nuclear test, as well as increased Iranian activity near the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, to argue that the North Koreans aren’t the only threat, and suggested that Washington should take a more active role in their relationship.

“It’s just not in t우리카지노he national interest of this country to continue to be the only country that knows how to bomb other countries,” he told CBS News.

Strjarvees.comicklandjarvees.com, however, defended the U.S. “assistance” to the Syrian rebels, saying the military response may not be “the right way to go.”

He argued that the U.S. should not be afraid of Russia because they are “great partners.”

At the same time, Siegel called on Obama and his fellow Democrats to take more military action in Syria if they wish to bring a lasting end to the war.

“That’s just absolutely out of the question because of how far the regime is willing to go to prop itself up,” Siegel said at the time. “The