Tony stewart they said it was on the house, they got it out of the house, we can’t do any of that

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Tony stewart they said it was on the house, they got it out of the house, we can’t do any of that. the kids were all over it, they were all out of the house, all got it to the school, no one knew about it, no one in the school got it back from the school, that was on the house, I got it into my car, then I went and got it out of the school, then I said, you know what we have got to do, we have got to get it to a place that will take care of it. that was all it was ever going to be, I said this is how we got that house, this is how we got the house.

Mr. DUB슬롯 머신NER: So you had something like five cars, one of them coming and going.

Mr. LEE: We were gonna, oh, we’re gonna do that. we had about two cars in the house, one was the one that goes around, the other is the one that stops, that’s what was going on.

Mr. DUBNER: And so you had them all, and i파라오 카지노f you take two, you’ve got about 300.

Mr. LEE: So we have not, we had about two cars at the front, three cars with the trailer in the front and the other car with the trailer and one big one in the back where the trailer goes, the big two cars, we were gonna go back and forth. The three, and the front, the back and the three that came in the other direction, we got the big one from the trailer to the front, three from the back to the back, that’s what we had.

Mr. DUBNER: All of them coming and going, with two going and three going, were you out of here, sir?

Mr. LEE: Oh, no, sir. I’m safe and there’s no need to be afraid, he wasn’t scared of me, I’m safe with him.

Mr. DUBNER: That wa룰렛s your father back there, isn’t it?

Mr. LEE: My mother. I had to say, oh, it wasn’t any trouble, if he had told the police I was on it. we didn’t think about that at the time, and it’s still no concern to me.

Mr. DUBNER: You did come home to find him alive, at least that was your fathe