Hotel employee witnesses fatal fall

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Hotel employee witnesses fatal fall

Authorities haven’t said how 여주안마 여주출장안마she died, but investigators are working to ascertain what happened that evening. Officials are investigating her death in the aftermath of a fatal fall during a work party at a hotel in Virginia Beach, Va., early Tuesday morning.

“It’s pretty tragic,” Sgt. Stephen Rolfes, a spokesman for the Virginia Beach Police Department, told News 2 in a telephone interview. “This woman has had the privilege of working in my department for 16 years. She was so kind and devoted to her job, and she loved doing it. It’s a big loss for her family as well, and she didn’tSM 카지노 deserve to die.”

The employee at the hotel — a hotel worker named Kimberly D. Smith, 52, of Alexandria — had been working on the night shift on the first floor of the Hyatt Regency at the resort when the incident occurred.

Employees at the hotel say it appears Smith suffered a head injury when she fell from the seventh-floor balcony while leaving a room. Smith had gone to the hotel bar, to use the restroom, and fell to the ground. She was taken to a local hospital by a staff member, where she was pronounced dead about 10 minutes later.

A preliminary autopsy released late Tuesday confirmed Smith’s death was a fatal fall, and an autopsy performed later Monday by an Army Medical Examiner’s office will reveal an exact cause of death.

Investigators have not yet ruled out workplace or personal factors as a possible cause.

In the hotel’s wake, the Hyatt Regency posted a “message to all our guests” — one that has since been deleted.

“Our hearts are with those who have lost loved ones in the tragic death of Kimberly D. Smith,” the company said in an emailed statement late Tuesday afternoon. “We ex아산출장샵tend our deepest condolences to the family and friends.”

The U.S. Army Medical Corps, the agency that manages the Hyatt Regency, is cooperating fully with authorities.

“I am sorry for the family and the loss that they are experiencing,” said Lt. Col. Greg Johnson, head of the Marine Corps Civilian Investigation Command’s Bureau of Investigations. “We have been in contact with the authorities in Virginia Beach and want to make sure they are thorough, that they are following the rules and that they are following the procedures of the military as they go forward.”

A review by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service concluded Smith was an accidental death, and a review by the federa

Tigers blues chase second win of season, with Keston Hiura scoring

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Tigers blues chase second win of season, with Keston Hiura scoring

ATLANTA — Tiger fans have come back stronger than ever for the home opener for the Atlanta Braves’ offense after losing six consecutive games to fall to the Atlanta Braves, 7-6, on Sunday afternoon at Turner Field.

Rookie pitcher Tyler Duffey worked 4 2/3 scoreless innings while striking o바카라사이트ut nine and allowing two runs and two hits while allowing three unearned runs on five hits and one walk. He was credited with the game-winning hit in the fourth inning.

A crowd of 28,879 turned out to see the team, playing on the second day of a three-game series, return to its familiar ballpark.

Duffey had given up four hits in seven innings, retiring 16 of 18 batters he faced. He allowed one run on three hits.

“He was great,” Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said of Duffey. “He’s a young guy (31) and his stuff is improving. He’s going to be around as long as I’m here.”

The Braves also lost their six바카라th straight after going 0-10 in the season opener, giving u바카라사이트p six runs over six innings.

The offense, however, went on an eight-run rampage on a day when infielder Justin Upton went 3 for 4 with a single and double.

“We were going to need this, but it felt like we could take it,” catcher Jason Heyward said of what he would term “the offense getting out of control.”

The win is a strong start for the Braves, who are 4-3 for the first time in their seven-year history. Their only loss in the series came on April 15, 2009, to Washington and they are 16-8 in the past 17 regular-season games.

The victory gave them a 2-2 tie with the Braves. The winning run came after three consecutive walks by a rookie in the second inning with Braves third baseman Chris Johnson running and eventually sliding into third base. The walk allowed Johnson to advance to third base and bring the runner to third base.

It was a dramatic moment and Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez, who led his team, took a victory lap.

“I don’t have a big fan of having any momentum when you get that runner, and then the guy comes around to score,” Gonzalez said. “He should have gone first base when he caught that ball and scored, but he didn’t. It’