Crosby agrees to 12 year extension

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Crosby agrees to 12 year extension

The 49ers’ offseason isn’t exactly without controversy. In fact, it’s pretty ugly.

Coach Jim Harbaugh recently announced a significant offseason salary extension to tight end Vernon Davis. After being on the receiving end of criticism for a number of issues, particularly the player-friendly contract structure Davis signed 바카라 룰with San Francisco last offseason, Davis has finally signed a long-term deal worth $24 million. At this point, 49ers fans should be asking themselves: How much would an extension with Vernon Davis be worth to the franchise if it was the result of a longer-term extension offered to offensive lineman Alex Boone?

퍼스트 카지노While we don’t know for sure, we can speculate that Vernon Davis should have received a long-term extension from San Francisco, which would have saved him hundreds of millions of dollars in cap space.

The same could happen to the 49ers’ tight ends at other positions. For example, tight ends Zach Ertz and Vernon Davis could receive extensions worth millions of dollars, while fullback Kyle Juszczyk could receive a $2.7 million extension.

Ertz has made significant strides since his 2015 campaign. While he had a breakout campaign that helped the Niners clinch the NFC West title, he will be 37 before the 2016 season. If he continues to play up to his performance in San Francisco’s championship season, he will have a long history to look back on with the franchise.

Ertz still has the skill set to get the ball to his receivers, and the 49ers will likely give him more time to showcase his receiving skills in the second half of the season. After a rough 2015 campaign, the talented rookie will be expected to build off his outstanding 2015 campaign by contributing in 2016. He should be an upgrade over Juszczyk, who failed to play well in his first year as a rookie.

On the left side of the offensive line, the 49ers should offer an extension to wide receiver Torrey Smith, who has shown flashes of a strong season. Smith is entering his third season and is entering his prime, as he leads the NFL in receiving yards (1,000) and catches (100) this season.

The 49ers still have a number of roster issues to address before the start of the 2016 season. Among those issues, tight end Vernon Davis is expected to begin the season on injure바카라d reserve due to a neck injury and wide receiver Michael Crabtree will miss a second straight game due to a calf injury. The 49ers alread