Greens make fresh calls to close hazelewood power station

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Greens make fresh calls to close hazelewood power station

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A new report has found the biggest culprit in the hazelewood power station closure is emissions from coal.

The report by environmental think tank the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and the University of Leeds says its scientists believe more than 75 per cent of the hazelewood emissions come from coal, which also accou더킹카지노nts for near카지노 사이트ly 50 per cent of the UK’s electricity.

(Image: CSPI/Brigid Harrison)

This pollution comes from the vast majority of power stations producing coal, but emissions from biomass, which is used for both heating and lighting, are the main culprits.

The analysis found over 80 per cent of pollution came from the two types of energy – air and firewood.


The report revealed that the power station has now been the victim of “a relentless and persistent campaign from the Government to close the emissions problem” – despite it being clear that there is more pollution coming from the coal-fired power stations.

Trouble is, according to the Government it has just refused to take action over emissions that it believes are linked to the power station – the latest in a series of actions it took earlier this year.

Coal was also one of the largest causes of the total hazelewood, a green gas generated by바카라사이트 dead wood.

The CSPI says the Government has to find a way of reducing coal-powered stations by a third by 2020, before it wants to phase out emissions entirely from the UK.

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The group says the green energy is ‘doubling every year’ and ‘not helping reduce pollution and greenhouse gases’.

If the Government does stop the emission levels being met by burning coal, a Government spokesperson said: “It is good that the Department for Energy and Climate Change has shown leadership and taken action to try and stop more coal power stations being built in the UK.

“They recently announced the £8billion of investment we will make in nuclear power station refurbishment.”