Shortage of hotel rooms in waifs and underage workers is just one facet of the problem

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Shortage of hotel rooms in waifs and underage workers is just one facet of the problem. An overwhelming amount of girls and women are victims of domestic violence. Not only does the vast majority of them suffer domestic abuse, but there are also children and women who are also victims of forced prostitution and sexual slavery. A 2008 study from the US found that a majority of forced prostitutes are African women and children, even though research has shown that the rate of sex work in India is far higher for females than males. Even more startling is that a majority of sex workers are women from low income families with no support network.

A 2012 UN commission report concluded that there were a “small number of countries with significant sex trade or prostitution” in both Africa and Asia and that the problem is “under-reported”. It stated that the issue had remained one of “stigma” and “mismanagement” since the 1990s, only now emerging in a “public health emergency” due to an “increased awareness of the issue”.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has announced in 2016 that India will be ranked #17 on its list of countries with the highest rates of forced prostitution. It is now demanding that government agencies develop a national strategy to combat human trafficking. India has no shortage of challenges in tackling this very serious problem. The government is also struggling with its own history of complicity with the illegal sex trade. After its independence from British rule in 1947, it was left with no criminal law to prosecute women who had contracted sex work or forced prostitution. It then resorted to a model that decriminalised sex work and forced prostitution in the 1960s, but has failed to take proper measures to combat the issue.

In 2010, the Ce더킹카지노ntre for Social Research for Delhi released a study titled “Sex workers in Delhi”.

Raja Kumar Singh, executive director, Centre for Social Research, said, “The Delhi Government has no legal framework to protect women workers from their sexual servitude”. He further said that it should be enapronxcouraging companies such as Home Tech to stop selling sex to their customers, and that their customer base should be exposed to the fact that they could have a child as an employee. Singh also recommended that the government provide financial incentives for businesses to stop buying sex and hire staff and improve legal services in such companies.

In India, the demand for sex is often more lucrative than the wages to which it is demanded. However, India is also home to a large number of fema바카라le sex workers whose work, while less lucrative, is stil