Push on to boost lake rowlands capacity

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Push on to boost lake rowlands capacity

A series of public-works projects could raise capacity by more than 30 million acre feet as part of the Army Corps’ plan to boost lake rowlands capacity to 400 million acre feet, the Corps said.

The Lake Rowlands Plan — the $40 billion U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ 2016 strategy for Lake Michigan watershed management, planning and recovery — calls on the Army Corps and communities to add new lakes or sh우리카지노orelines, construct improvements and expand wetlands, among other ways, according to a 2014 Corps-mandated technical report.

If projects achieve their goals of increasing capacity, the report says “increased lake basin capacity could increase regional water and stormwater management resources and enhance economic development opportunities for surrounding communities.”

“The C더킹카지노orps is in the process of developing a report and coordinating with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to identify areas in our lake basin region to improve lake basin management,” the report states.

It is not currently on the Corps’ agenda to develop a national master plan for Lake Michigan, the report states, so any new projects — including the planned expansion of the Blue Point reservoir — would be a good first step to doing that, the report states.

The Army Corps would issue the report after public hearing, which starts Nov. 18 in Oak Creek. The public is invited to comment on th더킹카지노e plan for the second half of 2016, which begins Oct. 19.

For more about the Army Corps’ planned Lake Michigan expansion, visit lakemichigan.gov/newsletters.

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