Tuvalu kiribati climate change warning released – Fiji’s president

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Tuvalu kiribati climate change warning released – Fiji’s president

Published: 12:59 PM, January 28, 2017 | Updated: 12:59 PM, January 28, 2017

Fiji’s national president has issued a warning to avoid the country’s worst weather in two decades.

Fiji’s president also called for more research about climate change, in an effort to better prepare Fiji for future challenges such as rising sea levels, storms and climate change, President Tupu Matui said in a statement on Thursday, January 28.

Fiji’s President Tupu Matui issued a statement on Thursday, January 28, 2017, warning against the dangers of climate change. (AFP)

“We have a lot of problems and problems that don’t seem to get any better,” Matui said. “We have some issues where we know that it’s just happening, and it’s just happening, and we’re not really aware of it, but we should be aware. We need to be smarter and better 전주출장안마prepared for the future.”

Climate change is a rapidly changing phenomenon which has already led to the loss of more than two million human lives in many parts of the worl강원출장샵d, according to the United Nations.

Fiji is one of several small Pacific island states, which in the past decade have experienced a strong El Nino, the phenomenon, which has a direct effect on the global warming.

The El Nino phenomenon often impacts Pacific islands. However, during the recent El Nino cycle, the pattern was more affected than normal on the southern side of the continent.

Fiji’s economy and security are already at risk, and its natural disaster situation appears to be deteriorating rapidly, particularly as a result of flooding, landslides and landslides in a mountainous landscape.

Scientists say current climate change predictions are likely to be highly unreliable and unpredictable. (DARPA)

Matui’s remarks come a day after the island leader told reporters he would be attending a high-level summit in Washington this weekend that could determine how the United States responds to the effects of climate change.

Matui said there is a long wa올인 119y to go in improving the human population and that the number of people expected to make use of electricity is the largest in the world this year.

Fiji has a natural gas port at Tumangi and an export terminal in the country’s northwest.

The nation has been the world’s seventh-largest economy for five consecutive years, but is in the midst of