Pakistan india in talks to avert nuclear havoc

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Pakistan india in talks to avert nuclear havoc

Chennai: India was likely to meet U.S. Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter on Thursday to explore ways to avoid the nuclear meltdown that is threatening global civilization, sources familiar with the meeting said.

Carter had made several attempts to broach the subject of a peaceful nuclear arms reduction treaty with Japan. Last month, the Japanese, who have their own nuclear program, demanded that India agree to stop stockpiling their weapons.

The U.S. official said Carter would discuss the need to “implement and enforce (a) treaty that says when we have a nuclear crisis, and there’s a nuclear weapons-related catastrophe, we can’t leave those엠 카지노 weapons lying around.”

The official said the U.S. had sought to negotiate a solution that인터넷 카지노 would give India “the ability to respond to any of the following situations that may develop,” according to its official schedule.

In 2009, India agreed to disarm its shor경주안마 경주출장마사지t- and long-range rockets — with the U.S. in favor of a “non-nuclear limited-delivery capability” with a 20-year shelf life — and agree to a freeze on their plutonium. U.S. officials say India has refused to move towards that approach.

Indian and other nuclear-armed states have sought to keep their nuclear arsenals secret in the face of growing skepticism in the international community.