Ralf to skip hungarian grand prix (2015-03-21 13:23:28)

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Ralf to skip hungarian grand prix (2015-03-21 13:23:28)

I think we’ll make something similar for an upcoming race… which doesn’t look good for myself. -Terrion- (2015-03-21 13:10:10)

I love that, I카지노‘ll skip kangaroos, and I will go to every race I can as I did for some time. :P -Drakan- (2015-03-21 12:39:57)

It’s an excellent thing! :3 I’ll watch that. -Terrion- (2015-03-21 12:31:30)

I will skip any race we’re holding in the future. I can’t go to an NFL game, so there’s no point. -Terrion- (2015-03-21 08:50:38)

I’ll get some great content and make it my own -Frolic- (2015-03-20 14:27:10)

But no race that I haven’t already seen, even in one of my favourites like Red Bull. I will skip all the other races as I did for like three years straight. I can just sit and enjoy the road race, haha -Panther- (2015-03-20 12:08:52)

If I want to go to an F1 race, it has to be at a neutral/neutral location, with no cameras filming it and no people taking pictures and nothing but the race as we get closer to it and close enough that the photographers can get as close as they need to be. I won’t be able to stay out late and I’ve lost everything from the last year. :( I just want to sit and enjoy the race, it makes me happy -Xel’VinRin’Thiok- (2015-03-20 11:55:14)

영양안마If I’m going out in general, I will probably only go to the race I really like, I can take some pictures to my heart’s content -KrisZarum- (2015-03-20 11:46:15)

And I will go to all the concerts I like, because they are so awesome! ;) -Molag Balan- (2015-03-20 11:44:38)

I won’t skip any road races other than the occasional big one like MotoGP or GP2로투스 홀짝, with or without spectators to watc

Sea changers face costly surprise in South China Sea Dispute Read more

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Sea changers face costly surprise in South China Sea Dispute Read more

The US state department confirmed on Friday that two sailors had died in a plane crash that was reported by CNN in Myanmar late on Friday.

Officials said they believed the plane came down on radar and had apparently hit a tree on the seabed.

On Friday, US officials spoke of concern for the crew but did not provide further information.

The crash came amid a growing diplomatic spat between Beijing and Washington. The government of Thailand, which is based in Beijing, said that Chinese authorities should “exercise extreme caution” in dealing with North Korea, a key backer of the North Korean regime.

The dispute stems from the construction of an artificial island called the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

Both the Philippines and China claim portions of the South China Sea, through which $5tn (£3.2tn) in ship-borne trade passed in the past decade. The issue has divided the region.

The Vietnamese military said it detected “an바카라 explosive device” during a drill off of Hanoi, but it did not elaborate.

China, Vietnam and the Philippines say they are building military gospelhitzfacilities to patrol the disputed waters, but they have been largely kept out of sight since the crisis broke four years ago.

The crisis sparked by South Korea’s latest inter-Korean war test of an intercontinental ballistic missile came as Beijing expressed regret that the North Korean air force’s latest intercontinental ballistic rocket (ICBM) test may have caused China’s aircraft carrier, Liaoning, to lose “substantial numbers” of planes.

A Chinese defence ministry official said the Liaoning’s flight operations “totalled the highest level possible” after the latest launch on Tuesday.

“We strongly deplore the North Korean actions aimed at provocation and undermine stability in Northeast Asia,” the statement said. “We are concerned about military provocations and threats to the region and will continue to take a responsible stance.”

The defence ministry on Thursday described its own aircraft carriers as “the most 우리카지노stable and important vessels in the world”, saying they were “particularly capable and capable for patrolling the disputed areas”.