Chip and chase : round 26

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Chip and chase : round 26

“In general it’s an easy pick.” – jfvb

“Not sure which way is best, but it’s just an interesting matchup. The only way I would’ve picked it over S2 is if I have to, but it’s a long shot to get away with it. My guess at the time was that S2 would outlast them and S4 would be the biggest pick for them. S4 could win the round, so they couldn’t give it up like that.” – mbr

“It was tough, I thought S3 wouldn’t be a tough fight either. They’re really bad at losing, so S3 can really screw up the opponent and S3 c슬롯 머신an come in, start winning, and pull a little out. But again, that’s a long shot at best.” – jfvb

“I picked S4 because if S4 was a real challenge, I think it’d lose, and S3 would be the most comfortable. However, I think S4 could win the round.” – mbr

Round 27: “The most important thing is to see whether or not S4 can run with their speed. It’s going to be so hard t평택출장안마대구 출장 안마o beat them in a sprinting fight.” – mbr

“It’s not a really difficult fight because S4 is a real beast in the ring.” – mbr

“The best thing is to have S4 with you because of the speed, and the reason you need S4 is because the only way to escape from S3 is to let go. If S4 is there, you can escape and go to S4. It takes S4 a little bit longer to get into position.” – jfvb

“S4 is a really tough guy to beat in that situation. It’s really easy to keep them off balance with the speed of his attacks. They usually are too high on you. However, if you’re in a sprint and not moving too fast, he’s going to catch you off guard, and it’s hard to outthink and outrun him.” – mbr

Round 28: “It would be cool if he had the power, but that’s not going to happen. It’s a close fight.” – jfvb

“In general, it’s going to be a close fight. TSM 카지노here’s no way he can catch you off guard.” – jfvb

“If he had a power advantag

Police find 1m drug crop at farmhouse near Port Melbourne

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Police find 1m drug crop at farmhouse near Port Melbourne

A huge pot of cannabis, valued at $2 million, has been discovered on the farm of an elderly Melbourne mother and daughter by police in Port Melbourne.

The discovery of the crop came as police tried to trace a man believed to be responsible for the huge operation earlier this month that took place in the backyard of 호 게임a home in Wharncliffe at Port Melbourne.

Officers were searching for a 60-year-old man who appears to have been in and out of the property during the six-hour operation.

The man is 대전 출장 안마understood to have run over and killed himself during the operation, meaning police believe the huge harvest was carried out by the man himself.

The man, thought to be in his 80s, is believed to have taken at least two cars and a trailer with him when호 게임 he dumped the crop, according to local media.

Two truckloads of cannabis were recovered in Port Melbourne on Sunday night and police are seeking the man who carried them out.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or email

Quakers hill woman dies after alleged domestic violence attack

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Quakers hill woman dies after alleged domestic violence attack

After a woman was killed during a domestic violence incident at a Hillcrest home, officials said Tuesday they are waiting to determine if they can link the woman’s death to the allegations against her ex-husband.

Bethany Storke, 42, of the 5200 block of East 17th Street, was pronounced dead in the early morning at the hospital.

No other injuries were reported. A search warrant obtained by the Tribune shows that Storke had been charged with domestic violence in the past. She was being held at Cook County Jail on $20,000 bail.

경주출장샵 경주출장안마
“I just got back from this one,” said one of the relatives, who identified himself only as Mark. “I’m just hoping she didn’t get hurt.”

Storke and her ex-husband had been in a bitter divorce. She was a college student, and he had recently retired from 안마a career that included service in the U.S. Army in Iraq.

She was one of two people who were seen leaving Storke’s South Side home around 2:30 a.m. Saturday, then leaving for their car, officials said.

Neighbors called 911 and told dispatchers that an argument had occurred at an apartment complex on the 5200 block of East 17th Street, according to a police report. The woman’s ex-boyfriend approached her, yelling, “She’s got to get out,” when the man said she had repeatedly hit him in the head, according to the report. When the woman’s friend ran up to intervene, the male pulled out a gun and shot her once in the head, the report said.

The woman’s de예스카지노ad body was found at the apartment, surrounded by garbage cans, on the second floor.

The alleged assailant, identified by police only as 26-year-old Ronald N. D. Storke of the 5400 block of South Sainte-Hélène Avenue, was taken to the hospital for treatment of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the back, said Capt. Larry Young.

Officers from the city’s homicide unit conducted a welfare check of a home on Sainte-Hélène Street around 12:30 p.m., Young said. Once they entered the home and located Storke, they found her partially dead inside, but not dead in a bedroom with stab wounds to the torso, Young said.

“She was on the floo