Loud music warning falls on deaf ears

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Loud music warning falls on deaf ears

“It’s a very bad situation and it’s something we will have to address,” he said of the sound. “We’ll look for ways to make it better. Maybe a little bit of noise is good, but as a general rule you’ll need the music loud enough to wake the children and the adults up so they can hear it.”

The mayor declined to comment on reports that one of the four elementary-age students at the school who had the noise problem has become deaf because of it. “I think what’s going on has created a very strange culture that has a tremendous effect on children, parents and teachers,” he said.

In the last week 바카라사이트or so, at least six schools had to ban loudspeakers for the first time in their history after the parents complained.

One school superintendent says he worries that parents and students will be encouraged to live in ways that have never been allowed 마이다스 카지노in the community.

The problem has been particularly visible, and at schools across Alberta, students appear to be using ear plugs rather than earplugs, and parents are now warning parents, teachers and the public to be aware.

“They have not been around and they are not familiar with the situation. It’s a very sad story,” said Kathy Zielke, a mother whose daughter is in Grade 11. “It’s very dangerous now for these kids. Parents, teachers and kids need to just stay home. If33 카지노 they go back there they will have a problem.”

Some community associations have adopted similar tactics, calling for ear plugs as loud as possible to reduce ear-to-ear contact and sound damage at the school level.

Some parents in Edmonton say earplugs are an easy way to control an ear infection or to protect children who are deaf or hard of hearing, for example from school noise, and they say that by getting rid of earplugs, they will be less likely to be the target of a child being treated with antibiotics, or their body rejecting them, or something that could harm them.

Coun. Mike Layton, who sits on the school board, said he knows some parents who agree with their child’s parents.

But he said he’s concerned about what it can do for the health of the children, and whether they will be able to use these earplugs again in the future.

“The bottom line is it may not have to do with children. You have to know what’s going on in your child’s brain