Shire keen for state budget to deliver new houses

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Shire keen for state budget to deliver new houses

Labour MP Simon Danczuk said: ‘This is one example of how the Government’s austerity policies are destroying the public services for which we pay for them.

‘The Conservatives have introduced a series of tax rises which will add billions of pounds to the deficit, and are already responsible for the closure of five hospitals. The only way we can put more money in the Treasury and prevent further cuts is by making the state pay for the Government’s cuts in public services.

‘All of the cuts will be worse for ordinary people in the UK in the구미안마 long term, not worse in the short term, when we should be raising real wages and giving people a say in our economy.

‘This Budget has left more than 500,000 people without a job and almost £1billion of cuts in government support across a number of vital services. It is a Budget that will leaveXO 카지노 hundreds of thousands of young people more desperate than ever to stay out of work.

‘Labour will not fail on delivering a modern economy in which people, particularly those in work, can find a fair-minded living, and an economy in which the people that work for a living can rise up and lead decent lives without any burden to society.’

Shadow housing minister Rachel Reeves warned of a’miserable’ future for the country under Tory rule. She told MailOnline: ‘It is not only difficult to live in a country of these budget cuts, it is more difficult to get the work done.

‘More and more people’s lives are ending as we get down into the mire of cuts, not higher wages or growth for millions of families. Our current Chancellor is creating new misery as he delivers yet more cuts into public services that will leave the economy badly in need of repair.

‘We are going to get to the point where everyone and their mother goes out their door having had their wages cut by £4 a week or more, a quarter of an average adult wage.

‘I have no doubt there will be a shortage of people looking for 속초출장마사지work in the coming weeks and months as more of the public sector falls into administration. I am certain there will be further price rises and further reductions to housing benefit and the rate of interest, further cost cuts for families who are facing spiralling house prices.

‘As a result of these cuts and the economic downturn, our children are being priced out of the housing market as the new rent increases go on.

‘These are th