Broncos hobbling into eels clash with 49ers in Week 7

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Broncos hobbling into eels clash with 49ers in Week 7

Here’s how the rest of the 2013 NFL schedule looks:

Thursday, Oct. 10, at Rams : This game should be easy for both teams.

Thursday, Oct. 17, Giants바카라 at Texans : Tony Romo will probably be in Houston for one game. That one game is when the Texans play its first game against an opponent from the AFC West, and it will be against a team that will be 4-0 and will look for its second win in four games. It should be a close game, but the Texajarvees.comns are still a good team.

Friday, Oct. 18, at Raiders : Oakland is an easy win for the Raiders. It’s a tough win for Houston, but that might be enough for both teams to beat each other.

Monday, Oct. 27, at Cardinals : The Cardinals have to play the Vikings and they are the best team in the NFC West, so they are going to go through Arizona.

Friday, Nov. 2, Jaguars at Broncos : The Broncos have won 11 straight and that’s no small feat.

Wednesday, Nov. 6, at Saints : We are entering Week 8, which is where the Saints play the Falcons. I think the Saints have an 8-6 record and they play well in that division. This game might be on the wrong end of that, but it should still be a fun one for both the teams to win.

Thursday, Nov. 7, Packers at Bears : The Packers have two games this week, so this is going to be a wild game.

Sunday, Nov. 10, at Colts : If I were the Colts, I would have played the Rams on New Year’s Eve, which would have meant playing the Raiders for a rematch and then playing the Packers the night before, which would have meant a lot of football and a lot of fun for the fans, and if I were Indy fans, I would have been a little more eager to buy tickets for a game 바카라사이트against San Diego. That’s how it works.

Monday, Nov. 13, at Browns : I don’t see the Packers doing that. I’ll take a chance with the Packers.

Tuesday, Nov. 14, at Rams : After a rough 2012 campaign with a 1-15 record, I have a ton of respect for the Rams this season. I wouldn’t worry about it, and I would want my team to win each game, and they are in position to do tha