Gerard baden clay launches appeal against murder conviction

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Gerard baden clay launches appeal against murder conviction

By John Simpson

Crawford police have launched an appeal against a murder conviction against Gerard Baden-Clay, who was found guilty of killing his girlfriend, Denise McNally in the early hours of August 19, 2012.

In his conviction, Gerard Baden-Clay admitted killing McNally, 26, who was believed to have run off from her home in Crawfordville and vanished with her children, in an early-morning attack on May 2, 2012.

A new trial was agreed by Judge Paul Averill in 2013. It was decided the death penalty was appropriate.

Mr Justice Averill sentenced Gerard Baden-Clay on Thursday to life imprisonment with a maximum term of 25 year코인 카지노s.

Speaking outside the courtroom, his lawyer, Mr Michael D’Arcy, said Mr Baden-Clay was “devastated” by the ruling.

“He’s been on an absolute nightmare.

“He’s lost his mother, he’s lost his family, he lost an elderly friend,” he said.

“He has lost a mate and his sister, he’s lost everything.”

“There’s no hope of him being rehabilitated in his home country and he’s also been denied the rights of parole.”

His appeal was dismissed, with the court saying there was not sufficient evidence to prove Gerard Baden-Clay is responsible for the attack.

The appeal was heard by Justice D’Arcy and Judge Paul Averill in Crawfordville on Thursday morning. The court heard a jury delivered a unanimous verdict not guilty after seven days of deliberations.

Crawford’s senior constable, Inspector Mike Rallings of The Hawkesbury and The Woodley po바카라 사이트lice teams, confirmed the appeal was being heard by a “very experienced appellate barrister”.

He said there was “no way” a conviction would be overturned.

“[I] will certainly keep that in mind if he gets further sentences, because he’s absolutely devastated by it,” he said.

When contacted by the Herald earlier this year, Ms McNally’s family did not respond.

He has always maintained his innocence despite the discovery of a bloodstained key ring found in a shed next to his family home, in July 2012.

Ms McNally’s mother, Sandra, said that her daughter’s family had received numerous telephone calls from their fa홀덤mily member as recent as Friday to request a copy of her death certificate.